Climate and Terrain

    Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game Terrain and Rules (Unofficial)

    A simple guide for winter affecting terrain in your games.


    Climate Affect
The mere temperature can affect much in a battle. Men in heavy armor sweat, losing their dexterity and fighting skill, giving lightly armored troops the upper hand.

Three temperatures may be chosen to affect the gameplay. A roll is the general practice for determining the temperature. One may also agree on a temperature before the game if playing in a place where the temperature is stable. i.e. playing in the snow, then the temp. is automatically considered low.

    Temp Table
High-------- 6
Average-- 2-5
Low-------- 1

    High- The temperature is extremely hot and humid. Models in heavy armor suffer a -2 inch movement penalty and a -1 fight value. Models in armor suffer a -1 inch movement penalty.
    Note: The Watcher suffers a -2 inch movement penalty.

    Average- Gameplay is unaffected

    Low- Due to the cold weather, models with no armor suffer a -1 fight value. Models in heavy armor are reinvigorated, being somewhat insulated by their armor and gain a +1 to their fight value.


In cold temperatures, when a body of water begins to freeze, the art of warfare changes. Flanks are exposed and daring Generals take the chance to seize the initiative. These frozen tundras may be crossed helping to gain the upper hand, but sometimes, when halfway across the ice, one can hear uneasy creaking noises under the weight of groups of men.
A body of water when frozen can be considered sturdy, thick, or unsteady. When moving over frozen water one must roll for each individual model to see if they disturb or break through the ice.

    Ice Table                                                           Modifiers
All is well------ 4-6                Heavy Armor - 1                             Ice is sturdy + 2
Disturbed------- 2-3                No Armor + 1                                 Ice is thick + 1
Damaged-------- 1                  Model is strength 6 or higher - 1

  After rolling the dice, determine the result. On a 4-6 there is no effect. When a 2-3 is rolled lower the toughness of the ice by 1. (i.e. sturdy becomes thick, thick becomes unsteady, and unsteady becomes broken) When a damaged result is rolled, lower the ice toughness twice.

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